Friday, February 27, 2009

Gym Guilt

Recently, I was feeling guilty while driving to the gym since it was first trip in almost a week. However, as I went through my workout I noticed I was really sore which was strange, since I hadn't been working out. Then I realized, while I hadn't made it to the gym, I had been getting quite a work out - a Puppercize workout.

If you want to add some variation to your exercise routine, here's the basic outline. First start with a minimum of two puppies. Additional puppies will add intensity.

The Puppercize Workout (in no particular order)

Lunge and Grab - this move is a variation on the standard lunge. While in the lunge position, extend your reach to grab a puppy making a break for freedom under the fence (or about to get in to some other mischief).

For your biceps, it's the repetitive puppy lift - over gates, out of pens, away from plants, or just up to eye level for my puppy kisses.

For you legs, high stepping or hurdles, depending on the height of the gates, pens and other obstacles you are constantly negotiating in your attempts to contain the puppies.

For the gluts, there are two versions of squats in the puppercize workout:
The clean up - standard squat position accompanied by cleaning up whatever mess has been discovered.

The balance squat - while in the squat position attempt to maintain your balance while being climbed upon by the exuberantly affectionate puppies

For the cardio portion, wind sprints - running up and down the yard in attempt wear the puppies out and dashing down the stairs - racing three puppies with full bladders down the stairs and out the door as fast as possible to avoid any deposits inside. Frequently followed by the clean-up squat.

And, the ultimate in puppy cardio - bathing the puppies which will also include many of the moves detailed above.

As with all exercise programs, please consult a physician prior to beginning.


Trix in the City said...

HA! That's great! But I think I'll pass!!

Heather said...

LOL - I think you're on to something!