Sunday, February 22, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You - The Movie

He's Just Not That Into You (the movie) is a lot of fun. It's cute, it's funny, it makes you laugh (a lot), it makes you cry (a little) and best of all, it makes you feel like maybe you're not really that crazy, at least in comparison. It's sweet, harmless fun that takes equal shots at men and women navigating the world of modern day relationships. My favorite line of the movie, featured in the previews, is Drew Barrymore's character lamenting the proliferation of communication methodologies and the joys of being rejected by multiple technologies.

My favorite line from the book, however, is very different and quite frankly is graphic enough that I don't feel comfortable putting it in a blog that might be seen by someone related to me, however great the advice.

The movie may be PG-13, the book however, is definitely in R territory. As a matter of fact, the movie and the book only have a few things in common: 1) the title, 2) some of the characters' names and 3) some of the direct advice. Remember, the book was written by a Sex In The City consultant/writer and Sex In The City writer and it shows. I'd feel perfectly comfortable recommending the movie for the teenage set; the book, not so much. Not that it's not great advice, but it's definitely full of adult content. So, if a teenager you know asks for the book, at the very least, read it yourself, first.

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Bee said...

I want to go see the movie but I'll probably have to wait until it's On Demand. You did make me want to read the book though.