Saturday, March 21, 2009

Attempts at Economizing

When I first got laid off I evaluated my shopping list for some "easy" ways to save money and realized I have quite a collection of high end beauty products. So, I started to look for some possible substitutions. The results, so far, have been mixed, but I can report nothing catastrophic has happened....yet.

Moisturizer: I traded my Prescriptives moisturizer ($65) for Alba Green Tea and Aloe moisturizer ($15). Recommended by SELF Magazine.

Verdict - I like the Alba product and I'll keep using it, probably at night, but I will go back to Prescriptives at some point because it feels better under makeup.

Shampoo: Traded my Biolage hydrading ($20) shampoo for the ($8) Kiss My Face "Whenever" shampoo. Recommended by SELF.

Verdict - Not a big fan. I like that it doesn't have sulfates, so it's environmentally friendly. It might be all in my head, but my hair seems less cooperative and kind of dry, I've since tried Kiss My Face's "Miss Treated" and I like it a lot better. Whether or not it will be a permanent switch is still up in the air.

Mascara: Trading my Chanel mascara ($28) for CoverGirl Remarkable mascara ($8) Recommended by Rhonda.

Verdict - I like the CoverGirl and I'll keep it for casual use, but I still prefer the Chanel. It's fabulous. I have tried Diorshow Iconic (Sephora $27) which I really like, but I don't think the $1 difference really counts as economizing.

Hand Lotion: Trading my L'Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream (20% shea butter) ($10) for Eucerin($.99). A random "brain" storm in the trial size aisle at Target.

This one didn't even last the first few uses. I'm back on L'Occitane.

Eye Cream: Origins Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Eye Serum ($43.50 - but I had a free sample) for Chanel Precision Energizing Multi-Protection Eye Cream - daytime ($60) and Chanel Precision Structuring Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream - nighttime ($80) {In my defense, I got this one as free sample and have yet to actually buy it} Now using Botanics Eye and Lip Correction Serum ($14) recommended by SELF.

Verdict - Was not impressed by Plantidote, especially given the cost. The Botanics stuff is okay, but I WANT MY CHANEL BACK!

The biggest single victory, however, has been paper towels. A devoted fan of Bounty I ran in to a little issue when my first foster puppy arrived on the scene, but that was nothing compared to what happened when the three boys arrived. I was going through at least three rolls of paper towels a day (AT LEAST!). I tried the bargain paper towels, but you don't save much when you have to use so much more to get the job done. Enter Target brand papertowels. They ROCK! Every bit as good as Bounty without the brand name price. Thank you Real Simple magazine for the tip.

Overall, my attempts at economizing have been kind of fun, even if they haven't all been rousing successes. Since I am still unemployed I will continue to work through my stash of samples and the drug store recommendations in my stack of magazines, updates to follow, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

I'm totally taking your recommendation on paper towels. Bought some Target brand today. I will let you know how they work out for me!

Rhonda said...

Sounds like we need to find you a job fast. It ain't cheap being Kristy!

Lulu said...

The Sweetest Boy hooked me up with the Target paper towels!

Heather said...

Totally about the Diorshow and Chanel stuff! I've taken to buying a splurge at Saks and then they hook me up with tons of freebies. I've got luxurious eye creams out the wazoo!

I haven't had much success trying to find cheaper substitutes so I'll be interested to hear if you find any winners!