Monday, April 27, 2009

Apparently, I'm Cranky Today

I don't feel cranky, but things have been irritating me all day, so at some point, I had to acknowledge that it might, at least in part, be me.

It started out at the gym this morning when a woman hopped on the treadmill next to me and then proceeded to yap on her cell phone the entire time. The cardio room wasn't even 25% full so why she felt the need to hop on right next to me, I don't know. As if the bickering between Matt and Meredith isn't irritating enough, (seriously, what is going on with those two?) now I have to listen to one half of a random conversation. Fortunately, she didn't last long.

Then, while at Central Market, between the lunchtime sample grazers and the cart abandoners it was like an obstacle course getting through there. I know I've been spoiled shopping in the afternoon (God help me when I go back to work and have to shop on Saturday again) and I should have avoided lunchtime, but quit parking your cart in the middle of the aisle while you flit about, people. It was hard enough for me to navigate, but I really felt sorry for the pregnant lady trying to negotiate one of those extended carts with two little girls in it.

Finally, let's talk about "reply to all" for a minute. The reply to all button is great when you are having a conversation with everyone in the address line. It is completely unnecessary when one person sends out an email to a large group requesting specific information. For example, a meeting request. Reply to the sender with your availability, you don't need to reply to all. It just causes everybody's email box to fill up with clutter.

I think I'll keep a low-profile for the rest of the day.


Trix in the City said...

I guess you're power going out last night didn't help with your mood, huh?

Bee said...

The reply to all is one of my biggest pet peeves! Sometimes I'm included when somebody forwards jokes and then you have people I don't even know saying "OMG! That was so funny!" Thanks stranger, for including me in your need to tell the sender that you have like crappy jokes.

Rhonda said...

LOL at you and Bee. I'm cranky too. Let's go take it out on someone.

Anonymous said...

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