Monday, April 13, 2009

Really, Career Builder?

I was scrolling through my "Job Matches" email today and came across this "good match".

Senior Engineer - New Technologies with Oil Field Experience - Houston, Texas

*Bachelor's Degree (check - Political Science and Engineering are pretty much the same, except for all that pesky math, right?)
*Experience leading meetings (check)
*Understanding of risk and reliability (huh?)
*Insight and understanding of the oil & gas industry (nope)
*Have a specialization within an area of the oil & gas industry and have knowledge of the relevant failure modes within this area. (Hmmmm, NO experience in oil and gas, let alone a specialization and don't know exactly what "failure modes" means)
*Ability to learn and understand new technologies (I'm not exactly a technophile, but I do okay)

So, it's good, right...except that I'm NOT an engineer which I'm guessing is a deal breaker. I LOVE recruiting by algorithm.

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