Monday, May 11, 2009

Me Do It Myself!

The other night I was doing laundry and when I pulled the dog bed out of the dryer I discovered it had a hole in it allowing cedar chips to escape. Somehow wood chips and extreme heat did not sound like a good combination. Most normal people probably would have called a repairman. But not me. It seemed like a pretty easy task; get the vacuum and use the hose to suck the cedar chips out. Unfortunately, I discovered that the opening to the lint trap was too narrow to effectively maneuver the vacuum hose, then I heard a little pop followed by a clank. Great. Now instead of just wood chips in my dryer I've added a piece of the vacuum.

(I know it's a little hard to see, but that's the attachment at the bottom and wood chips all down the side)

It looked like it would be pretty easy to remove the lint screen guard, giving me lots of room, so I removed one screw, only that didn't do anything. (At this point, any sane human being would have called a repair man) But, I wasn't ready to give up. I knew all I needed to do was remove "this" screw.... So, I removed that one and then another and another.... By the time I was able to squeeze my hand in to retrieve the attachment and get at the chips the dryer looked like this.

Fortunately, after a few false starts and some assistance from my brother, the dryer was wood chip free and .... TA DA! Back together. Even used all the parts.

Why didn't I just wait till morning and call a repair man. Well, I might have a tiny problem with patience (or lack there of). I wanted to finish my laundry.


Rhonda said...

Go, Handy Lady! I so would have called a repairman.

Heather said...

Yet another skill to add to the CV!

Trix in the City said...

Very impressive!

TheManOfNotts said... got it easy! a guy come to install a bathtub in my bathroom....the bath has a hole in it...he patches it up....the bath still leaking...the water goes I got a patchy kitchen ceiling.....Now i gotta shell out on a new ceiling.

My bathroom now has a little observatory window so you can see down into the kitchen. UNCOOL.

Your blogs cooL!