Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Question for Moms

I was at a luncheon recently and the gentleman sitting next to me made an off-hand remark about a woman being very successful in her industry but then choosing the "mommy-track" so now she was just doing xyz. I don't remember his exact words there at the end, but the gist was she was "dabbling" now. I found myself a bit offended by his remarks, even though I'm not a mom.

So, I'm asking the moms (and anyone else with an opinion) do you find the term "mommy-track" and the attitude that goes along with it to be offensive, or does it just describe the reality faced by many mothers who work outside the home, too. (Too, as in also; in addition to; being a mommy is a pretty big job in and of itself.)

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Trix in the City said...

Yes... I find it very offensive. I can't handle one day alone with my nieces!