Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Glorious Aroma of Waffle Cones

Something very strange is going on in my neighborhood. For the last few days I have been enveloped in the glorious aroma of waffle cones baking while walking down to the park. Since Petey arrived, we have walked down to the park at least twice a day. Starting this weekend as soon as I get within a few blocks of the park it starts; subtly at first, but stronger with every step....the scent of fresh waffle cones. I even took a witness with me last night to make sure I wasn't losing it. Yep, there is was, confirmed by a second person. Waffle Cone Smell. I can't figure out where it's coming from, there is nothing for blocks but houses. Surely, someone isn't making waffle cones all the time in the house....for days?

It's a mystery.

It's also wrecking havoc on my program to fit back in to at least one pair of jeans in my closet.

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