Thursday, November 26, 2009

Home for the Holidays - A Happy Tail

Joey lived in the neighborhood, but he didn't really have a home. When a concerned neighbor approached a Pup Squad volunteer about Joey's situation a quick conversation with the people who sort of claimed him determined that Joey wasn't "their" dog and permission was granted to take him. Joey's rescuer quickly hustled him into her car and Joey started his new life. Despite the tell-tale scare down his back testifying that he'd had an ugly encounter with "humans" in the past, Joey was sweet and affectionate. The long line on his back caused by someone pouring acid down his back hadn't damaged his beautiful personality.

A couple of days later, I got to meet Joey when I dropped him off at the vet for a check up. He was such a sweet boy, a real gentle giant. We received further proof of Joey's neglect a couple of days later; he was heart worm positive. After getting up-to-date on all his shots and being neutered, Joey was reunited with his rescuer who found him a wonderful foster-home to go through heart worm treatment.

Then, right as Joey was finishing up his heart worm treatment and ready for adoption, Joey was gone. He'd managed to get out of the backyard, leaving his two foster-siblings behind along with his collar and his tags. We were all heartbroken, Joey was loose without tags who knows where. Unfortunately, there are shelters who automatically euthanize any and all Pit Bulls and it was getting colder. Lost Dog fliers were posted in the neighborhood and online and all we could do was hope.

Then, Joey's rescuer got a phone call from a vet in East Texas. A man had come in to their clinic with a dog matching Joey's description. When she was able to make contact with the man we found out not only did he have Joey, but the whole family loves him to death and they wanted to adopt him. He has a new sister, a lab/pit mix, he plays with and lays in grass "kissing" during rest periods. He also has a selection of manly dog t-shirts to protect his back. Apparently, Joey likes to wear clothes and presents himself to be "dressed" by dropping his head and lifting a paw.

Once Joey was healthy, he was ready to go find his new family and now he's home, just in time for Thanksgiving. Joey's new family desribe him as a blessing and a miracle and it doesn't get any better than that.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Rhonda said...

Great story! He must have been traveling for quite awhile to get to East Texas!

KB said...

Well in the interests of full disclosure, I have an update. I happened to meet Joey's foster this weekend at a bar (small world) and it turns out Joey only traveled 4 miles from his foster home to his forever home. Not exactly what I think of as "East Texas"