Sunday, March 14, 2010


I thought I'd knock them all out at the same time:

The Flu

Two days of hell, but it's over, thank goodness. I would like to know how I managed to gain 1 1/2 lbs after eating nothing but three pieces of toast and half a sleeve of saltines in 24 hours, but whatever.

The Car

It's as good as new or at least the dent/scrape/wrinkle is as good as new. After spending two weeks on pins and needles afraid it was going to be totaled everything worked out just fine. {Turns out even minor damage can be the end of the road for a ten year old car.} Pardon the dirt, the antenna is broken in the "up" position, so no drive through car washes for me and those hand washes add up.

New Year's Resolutions

The "Do Things Differently" approach seems to be working. Not every time, but at least some of the time I recognize the tendency to fall in to old patterns and resist. Perfection, hardly; progress, I think so. The focus on what I should eat versus what I shouldn't eat wasn't as successful. Turns out, for me, there's no way to get around the tried and true calories in/calories out formula. Tedious, yes, but also effective, slowly, but surely even with random flu-induced weight GAINS. (Who gains weight when they have the flu??) As for the risk taking - well, definitely a mixed review. I had the perfect opportunity to speak to a stranger, someone I admire and someone who is a celebrity in some circles and wimped out, even with a great opening. Oh well, maybe next time.

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Bossy Betty said...

Looks like things are looking up. Maybe the weight loss is just delayed a bit....