Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Green Am I?

Sadly, not as green as I thought I was.

First, there is my abominable bottled water habit. It's never been great, but after moving in to a house without an ice maker (a tragedy, I know) it's gotten really bad.

That's about one week's worth.

In my defense, it's not that I can't function without an ice maker, it's that I didn't have any ice cube trays and it took me a week and trips to three different Targets to find trays and an ice bin. I'm happy to report, that now, properly equipped, my bottled water consumption is back to normal. (Which still isn't great, I know. However, further reduction will require a reusable bottle that fits in the tiny little cup holders in my car.) {Also, I not only recycle the bottles, but I let Petey play with them first, so they're multi-functional.}

My real disappointment is that I'm afraid I'm about to abandoned my spinney mower.

I am so proud of my spinney mower (even if it doesn't have the fancy grass catcher). Unfortunately, not only is my new yard a zillion times bigger than my old yard, it's also uneven and includes grass that WILL NOT BE MOWED. Seriously, it's like running in to a brick wall every time I hit a patch of it. I think it may be time to do some serious polluting and buy a gas powered mower. Sorry Al.


Trix in the City said...

I bought a Brita water pitcher & I somehow still go through too many water bottles!!

Lulu said...

Are you telling me that neither one of you drank out of a flippen hose growing up? Give me a break!
Try a cup and some ice. It's just as refreshing and wet as bottled water. And if you choose to be extra "green" you can even use the same glass twice!!

KB said...

Yes, I drank out of a hose and the water was not only delicious, I survived. The deluge of bottles was caused by a lack of ice. Now that I have super new ice cube trays, I'm back to cups and ice.

Lulu said...

Want to get off the bottled water for good, watch the documentary "Blue Gold"
You'll see water in a whole new way.