Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September with SELF Update

Halfway through September and I should be four pounds down. Hmm, not so much, actually, half a pound up.

Last week -

Workout Goals - 5 cardio sessions; 2 strength sessions

Actual - 3 cardio sessions; 1 (incomplete) strength sessions

I wish I could claim some reason for not meeting the workout goals. Unfortunately, it just boils down to a dysfunctional relationship with my alarm clock's snooze button. On the upside, I am managing to keep up with cardio program a little better and I got through two rounds of each strength session group. Next week - going for three of each.

As for the food plan. I can say I did better, but I cannot say I did well. And here in lies the reason why the weight is sticking around. I do claim extenuating circumstances. Twice in the last couple of weeks, my office has been invaded....

Yes, those are authentic French-style eclairs from The French Gourmet Bakery and they are amazing. I am helpless to resist.

(Disclosure - I stole that image from their website. I did take some great pictures of the actual invaders, but the cord to my camera is MIA in the box forest....)

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