Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Passive-Aggressive Punctuation

What's with all the crazy punctuating these days? It's one thing to go a little overboard with your question marks and/or exclamation points when telling a story or relating an anecdote, it's quite another to starting flinging them around AT people.

When are you going to ________?????????

Why did you ______?????????

You need to ______!!!!!!!!

Or my very favorite, throwing in the fake "we" as in We need to _______!!!!!!!!! when the author has no intention of actually helping.

I'm sensing a little hostility.

Why not just be direct - "Hey stupid, when are you doing to get your sh#t together?


Why are you you such a screw up?


Get off you a$$ and do what I want you to do right now!!!

Of course, what would be even better if people could be nice AND direct.

Hey, do you think you could ______?

I was wondering if we'd ever tried ______?

You get the idea.

The bottom line is I am over the runaway punctuation and the next time someone starts throwing exclamation points at me I'm going to throw them back.


Anonymous said...

Sorry!!! I'll try to do better!!!!!!! Forgive me??????

Trix in the City said...

OK... I can't think of anything clever to say... I just wanted to do this... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm more of a dot girl...

KB said...

LOL. You guys crack me up. :) Trust me, I did not have either one of you in mind when I wrote that rant.

Anonymous said...

I'm a recovering passive-aggressive punctuator.

I'm more of a dot girl too... I can't seem to break myself of that habit...

Dainty Musings said...

We've got a client at work who adds several ??? always.

The extra marks instantly take a mundane question straight to potential diaster level without any need to say anything else.

Makes him look like a Chicken Little, I think.