Sunday, January 23, 2011

Treasures In The Attic

This crazy rental house has an attic, but I've only been in it once, when the agent and I did the final walk through and I barely stuck my head up there. It was CRAZY hot that week and the brilliant agent who showed the house last turned on the heat rather than the air making it over 90 degrees in the house. The attic was really miserable.

But, being heartily sick and tired of crap everywhere I decided to start using the space up there to get some of the crap out of the way. The attic isn't completely floored and the landlord added HVAC (thank goodness) reducing the usable storage pace. So, I went up to see exactly what I had to work with up there. Imagine my surprise when I flipped on the light and saw this:

Yes, those are legs. More specifically, the bottom half of a mannequin. I think the real miracle here is that I didn't fall off the ladder.

I am creeped out that these legs have been hanging out above my bedroom and really baffled as to what on earth they are doing there.

Why exactly would someone have mannequin legs in their attic, or do we really want to know?


Stephanie said...

It's a wonder your heart didn't stop.

Carol said...

Creepy! Are you letting them stay?

Trix in the City said...

Haaaaaaaaaa... I think that's hilarious! But then again I have a foot mannequin in my house plastered with destination stickers!!

I think I'd be more creeped out if they were REAL legs!

KB said...

Stephanie, it is a miracle my heart didn't stop.

Carol, I am pretending they aren't there. They'd be really hard to get there and I REALLY don't want to touch them.

Trix, if they'd been real, you would have heard me scream from your house.

Rhonda said...

Eeek. I think you should just leave them where they are. Attics are bad.