Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jumping In

One problem with being absent for so long is the big question of how to return. I've been ready to start posting again for a couple of weeks, but the more time passed the more I put pressure on myself to come up with a spectaular post for the return.

Enough already, I've decided to just jump right in and get started.

I'm back. I've missed you...assuming anyone is still out there since it's been so long since I last posted.

And, I'd like to introduce the newest member of my household.....

We call this phenomenon a foster-fail.

Three of Kara's siblings landed at my house for what was supposed to be a very brief stay. She arrived two days later and was supposed to be picked up by a foster the next day. That didn't happen and I realized I had four nameless puppies who needed to go to the adoption center the next day. Since two of the puppies, one male, one female,were complete loud-mouth divas and one puppy was over twice the size of the others and completely laid back, the "Idol Puppies" were born: Paula, Simon, Randy and Kara. Having only had Kara one day I didn't know her well, but she seemed kind of cool. Paula and Randy were adopted Saturday, Kara was adopted Sunday and Simon hung out a bit longer, but then found his forever home. Then three weeks later, Kara was returned. Her new family loved her, but their Boston Terrier did not. At all.

Super cute and with an awesome personality, no one expected her to last the weekend, but then she did and ended up hanging out with me and Petey for another three weeks. Then she was adopted again by a great family, but she was returned again the next day. I don't think they really understood the reality of living with a three month old puppy.

So, Kara is going to stay put. I had a hard enough time giving her up the second time, I'm not going to do that again. Plus, Petey was very mopey and quite unhappy with me while she was gone. But, she deserves a real name, not a tacked on, glad they added that fourth judge, after-thought name.
Big thanks to Sonya Sellers photography for the great pic and all the amazing work done on behalf of Pup Squad.


Stephanie said...


Heather said...

She's so cute I'm drawing a complete blank on equally cute names.

KB said...

Thanks Stephanie. I needed that. :)

Thanks Heather, she is a doll. I think her name is going to be Kara. Even the cutest names aren't working. I think I already named her....

Lulu said...

Are you trying to catch up with me in the dog herd count?