Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Help

Loved the book. I listened to it and it was amazing.

The movie was very good and Bryce Dallas Howard was fantastic as Hilly Hollbrook. She played that awful woman brilliantly.

As for the inevitable book vs the movie discussion, they did a brilliant job of adapting a rather complicated book. They only made one change that I found jarring but it was a doozy. I guess I understand. They accomplished their goal in 30 seconds and following the book more faithfully would have taken a lot longer. Plus, the change didn't affect any major plot points. Still it really threw me.

Overall, the movie was wonderful. It was well worth the afternoon's adventure which started with a sold out show and ended up at a movie theater with a bar....and seat-side service. Not sure I'm all that crazy about seeing a movie amidst all that commotion, but I'm glad we held out for The Help and didn't just settle for whatever wasn't sold out.

But, the book was better.

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