Friday, January 2, 2015

To Resolve or Not To Resolve

That seems to be the big question right now. There seem to be as many people advising people not to make resolutions (or at least declaring that they will NOT be making resolutions) as there are sites offering advice, tips, plans, programs, etc. to make (and keep) resolutions.

For several years I was firmly planted in the anti-resolution camp, but that has changed. The last couple of years I have made resolutions with mixed success.  Over the last year, I've explored different approaches to life improvement, for lack of a better expression.  One thing I've realized that, at least for me, it's more about evolution than revolution.  The other is the golden oldie - a goal without a plan is just a dream (not that dreams are a bad thing.)

I'm still working through this year's priorities and plans, but I thought I'd share a few of my favorite articles on the subject.

There's Martha Beck's take on goal setting:  Conjuring Good Magic:  How to Set Powerful Goals

Next, Lifehack's Fifty New Years Resolution Ideas and How to Achieve Them to help not only kickstart the process of choosing a goal but it's also full of tips, tricks and concrete plans on how to achieve success. 

For a (slightly) different perspective, check out Christine Kane's Lose New Years Resolutions & Create Real Success in 2015.  Refusing to believe resolutions and Christine's approach are mutually exclusive, I'm using both Martha Beck's goal setting approach and Christine Kane's words to map out my plan for 2015.

Or my very favorite take on resolutions, change and transformation - Erika Napoletano's New Years Resolutions Can Kiss My Lily White Ass.  I'll definitely be making those two lists.

Finally, some simple, easily applied practicality to help get the ball rolling, I offer Fast Company 's Five Ways to Make Your To-Do Lists More Effective.  Because sometimes, I need some very basic steps to get started and keep me from throwing up my hands and picking up the remote control.

One final note, be careful not to get so caught up in what you didn't achieve in 2014 that you disregard what you DID achieve.

I was so busy castigating myself for being in the position to make yet another "lose weight" goal,  looking around the house at all the unfinished organizational projects, all the unrealized opportunities for Pup Squad and at my long-term foster dogs who I've still yet to find forever homes for, that I almost completely forgot I did make a HUGE transformation in my life last year, I changed jobs.  While I did love my last job, it had become an all-consuming, exhausting, marathon-run-as-a-sprint proposal that was sucking up every moment of my waking time (and more).  Despite all that, walking away from it wasn't an easy choice even though my new position is fabulous, challenging and has considerable potential for growth, not to mention it leaves me some time to do other things, including sleep. So, just for right now, I'm going to put aside the plans for what I didn't "fix"and appreciate the results of what I did. 

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