Friday, November 7, 2008

Laid Off

Scary words, at least initially, but the shock wore off and a sense of freedom and opportunity replaced it. But, maybe I'm just crazy. I worked for a great company and as much as I liked my job and loved the people I worked with, I've spend the first week in the land of unemployment feeling better than I have in years.

And, just to get this out there, I cannot afford not to work. So, if I think too much about not finding a job soon or contemplate the state of the economy, panic does set in; but as long as I don't do either one of those things, I'm okay. The key has been to stay busy. I've developed quite a to-do list for myself, some of which is even getting done. It doesn't hurt that trying to create a strong resume after such a long time at one place has been a major undertaking. (Major thank you to my friends who have been a HUGE help.)

Also, it's worth noting that this is the first time I have not had a job since I was twelve if I wasn't moving and I always got one whenever I arrived. So, it's a brave new world for me. But I'm excited about it.

I've been talking about starting a blog forever, so here goes. In addition to sharing the ups and downs of the non-working workaholic, I'll inflict whatever random thoughts cross my mind. Like the header says .... sometimes I'll be serious and sometimes I'll be silly. Hope you enjoy at least some it.

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