Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looking Up - Sort Of

I really wished I'd written this post on time, over the weekend. It would have been a tiny bit more positive. Last week, Week Three of unemployment for those of us keeping track, I was a little more upbeat. I had several encouraging meetings and scored a phone interview for one of the jobs I applied for during Week Two.

To bring everybody up-to-date, I just got a call regarding the phone interview and they're moving forward with other candidates. Not that I was terribly surprised, I didn't get the best vibe during the interview. I did learn some things from the experience and not getting the first job out of the gate probably isn't the worst thing ever. Nothing has really come (yet) from the other meetings, but my fingers are crossed.

I did get a job - seasonal retail. It should be fun and I already like the people. This is another example of great friends, I got this job solely based on a friend's recommendation. I'm going to keep the details sketchy for now. I did go buy some comfy shoes today, since they have a no sneakers rule and none of my work shoes will hold up to standing all day.

Three weeks on the hunt.....no need to panic yet, right?


Trix in the City said...

No need to panic... I'm sure something is waiting for you just around the corner!! Try to enjoy this time of not having to be an adult!!

Carol said...

Definitely no need. This time of the year is notoriously slow for hiring. When I was recruiting, I would have no placements in December but the first two weeks of January, I couldn't keep up with all the managers wanting to get people hired. Besides, Houston still has a good job market. Be patient (I know... easier said than done).

I agree with Trix... enjoy your free time while you have it. I'm sure you will be busy soon enough!