Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Spectacular Failure

Just to clarify, this is not going to be a cooking blog. I have a friend who writes a spectacular cooking blog, but prefers a low-profile, so no links in deference to her wishes. I am also a big fan of Smitten Kitchen.

However, I will share some of my more amusing kitchen escapades, which will most likely be the big flops...like this one.

It looked so simple. Low Fat Pepperoni pizza (SELF magazine) - yum. Polenta crust (I love Polenta), veggies, marinara from a jar, grated mozzarella, easy breezy, right? HA!

I will admit I cheated, I did not use low fat mozzarella, or low fat pepperoni either. (Central market cheese and salami) But, other than those two things, I followed the recipe precisely. The only problem was, even after cooking the pizza three times the length of time recommended , I still did not have crust. I had Polenta soup. Threw the whole mess in the trash and had hot dogs for lunch.

I tried again, just so I could email SELF and tell them they sucked. But, a strange thing happened. Even before I hit the three minute mark on the stove, the polenta as much thicker than yesterday. It didn't pour in to the pan, I had to scrape it in and after the prescribed time it was done. The only thing I did differently was to lower the heat more when I had the polenta on the stove. Wacky, but yummy.

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Heather said...

You should blog about cooking more often - that's a good story! I love that you had a 2nd go around just to give a thoroughly ticked off email to SELF.