Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bad Decisions

I've run in to a bit of a wardrobe problem with my new (temporary) retail gig. You see, most of my dress slacks are hemmed for a minimum of a 3" heel (yes, I torture my feet on a regular basis). But, there is a big difference between rocking a great pair of heels when you spend most of your day sitting in your office and spending 6 or 8 hours on your feet. In addition to the length of my pants, my wardrobe is also limited by some recent weight gain. Yet, I can't justify a shopping trip for my short-term, $7-per hour adventure in retailing. So, when I ran out of clean, short(er) pants I decided I could handle a six hour shift in a pair of "comfortable" heels. After all, these are boots I regularly wear all day, travel in and have worn on marathon treks to the mall. without a problem. But, I learned the hard way, that none of that compares to standing behind a cash register for six hours. It's been several days, but my feet are still throbbing.


Trix in the City said...

Yes very bad decision. I still do sit at a desk all day and try to avoid wearing heels as often as possible!
With the weight I put on lately the only thing I dread about taking it off is that most of my dress slacks (that are currently too tight) require heels! Ugh!
OK... enough with winter... I'm ready for summer, linen & sandals again!

Heather said...

Try the iron-on hem tape to shorten the pants and pool cabana boys are free this time of the year to massage achey feet.

Bee said...

I used to work at Sears and I remember those days of standing in the same spot while wearing heels. The memory just made my toes cringe!