Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today has been pretty frustrating. I've had snafus with paperwork for the health insurance I'm attempting to buy to carry me through to the next job. (The price tag on COBRA was brutal to start out with and staring in January the monthly premium went up $100 a month). In addition to screwed up paperwork I've had to endure three extremely detailed "interviews" about my health history which was all kinds of fun and had to deal with a rude customer service rep. Then there was some sort of foul up with the paperwork for for converting my company-sponsored life insurance to individual that I'm still trying to figure out. (Being unemployed is FUN!) Add in a zillion little things the universe decided to pile on in an effort to amuse itself and a rather ill advised attempt to change a light bulb standing on a window sill (at least the bulb I smashed in to the wall wasn't energy efficient so there's no need to call out the haz mat crew) I was not having a good day. But on the drive home from my adventures in retailing this afternoon I watched a cable van rear end a pick up truck --- full of windshields. It's bad enough to rear end someone, but to do it in the company that guy, had a really bad day. I sure hope the guy driving the pick up truck is cool.

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Kat said...

Is that legal for them to raise your rate for COBRA like that? I thought there was something about your COBRA insurance having to be the same cost, benefits, etc., as if you were still an employee at that company. (Unless everyone else at the company is now paying $100 a month more, or the company's paying that much more for them?)