Thursday, January 15, 2009

Introducing Holly

Hi, my name is Holly. I'm hanging out with the Nonsense human for a few weeks. I'm learning all kinds of fun stuff, too, like I can fit under the backyard gate. The human lady did not like that at all. Come to think of it, I didn't enjoy being lifted back over the fence, so much. I do like to explore and I'm kind of sick of the tiny back yard. I get more shots on Friday, so this weekend we might go to the park. Til then I have tons of toys to play with even though I'd rather play with shoelaces or even better, the whole shoe. I'm also a very good guard dog. I protected the human from a dangerous piece of white paper tonight.

Exhausted human here. I'd forgotten how much work a puppy is and how much energy they have. Overall, we're having lots of fun. Holly is very sweet, smart and eager to learn. But, she definitely has a mind of her own. A shout out to the Monks of New Skeke and their book, "The Art of Raising a Puppy" It's been a huge help. Together we're learning to walk on a leash (without having it in her mouth), sit, come and my personal favorites off and drop it. She's catching on pretty quickly. I'm fostering Holly through Pup Squad. For more information on this great organization, please click on the link.

Holly will be available for adoption in about a month or so.


Bee said...

Awww she is gorgeous! It pulls at my heart strings like babies never could. (that probably sounded mean) ;o)

Lulu said...

Cutie Patootie!!
What a lucky dog to have such a great foster girl.

Trix in the City said...

Oh how they look so sweet when they're little!!

Rhonda said...

LOL at Bee.

You are a wonderful person for doing this. I know Kathy really appreciates it.