Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Photos

I've been tagged by Mrs. Squirrel Assassin over at The Ramblings of a Hunter's Widow. For the people I'm going to tag here are the rules:

You take your folder in which you keep your digital photos, choose the fourth folder, then the fourth picture. Explain. Tag four people.

Now for the irony - here's my picture:

This was taken at my 10 year anniversary celebration at my previous employer...yep, the people who laid me off in October. Maybe it's not really all that ironic, but it still feels a bit strange.

And to pass along the fun. I'm tagging Lu over at Lu's Dirt. Ms. McCall at McCall's Manic Merry-go-Round, Bee at Bee's Musings and Storm at Rambling's a Mad Chica.

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

1 comment:

Mz. McCall said...

Oops. I saw the tag from Trix first. Anyway, my photo is posted.