Monday, December 22, 2008

Get Off the Phone People!

I will admit it, I am occasionally guilty of talking on my cell phone while driving (BAD!), but I'm going to do my best not to do it all moving forward, especially after today. I saw three near misses all caused by people yammering on their cell phones and not paying any attention to what they were doing. In order of potential severity:

1) Two women simultaneously backing out of parking spaces and coming within a foot of backing in to each other. Neither one noticed.

2) A women driving a large sedan pulling out of a shopping center, turning left on to a very busy street at 5:00 p.m. talking on her cell phone, driving with one hand and not even glancing once at on coming traffic.

And the scariest

3) The man who seemed to have forgotten basic driving laws (or maybe he just thinks he's too important to follow them) turning left in front of oncoming traffic. The light turned green and he turned left, right in front of us. I guess he thought he could beat us through the intersection. One hand on the wheel, one hand on his phone, he never even looked at the on coming traffic. What he didn't count on was the car in the right lane that hadn't been stopped at the red light. Fortunately, the woman was able to stop in time and I drive a stick, so I saw what he was doing before I really got going. Ironically, when the car in the right lane almost hit him he was furious.

Seriously people GET OFF THE PHONE!!!

Before I sign off, I have to give a shout out to the man in the blue BMW convertible on Westheimer driving through Montrose at 5:30 p.m. tonight. Thank you for letting me in, I really appreciate it. I swear I was being stupid, not being an a$$hole. I thought the back up was caused by people turning left, I did not realize there were cars parked in the right lane. (Don't you just hate it when people run up the short lane and want to cut over??).


Trix in the City said...

Oh I know!! I've nearly gotten hit myself a few times in the last week by those assholes!

Heather said...

Sometimes you can just tell who is cutting ahead in line on purpose or who genuinely made a mistake. They either push their way in or are polite about it.

I like to wave. I'm a total waver.

Mz. McCall said...

Seems like nearly EVERYBODY drives like they are the ONLY person on the road -- or at least the only person who matters -- these days. People get in their vehicles, become oblivious and/or inconsiderate, and commit acts of rudeness and bullying they would never in a million years attempt to perpetrate if they were interacting with others face to face.

This isn't gridlock in New York City. What the hell?

So...I just try to be extra courteous to and observant of other drivers who are minding their manners, and keep the gaps closed when I see dive-bombers not waiting their turn.