Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Died and Gone To Heaven

Tonight is my night to cook. The plan was stir fry. But between chasing puppies around and cleaning up after puppies and a zillion other things, I was having trouble drumming up the enthusiasm for the project. As the afternoon's errands progressed, chances of me actually cooking tonight were dimishing rapidly. By the time I got to the last stop chances were zero and I was planning a trip to Pei Wei. (Hey, Chinese is Chinese and my brother can't complain if I'm paying, right?)

But, as I raced through the produce section I stumbled upon this gift from the grocery gods

It's called the Kit Kitchen (I think) and includes pre-chopped veggies of all kinds to mix and match (sold by weight) as well as chicken, beef and seafood all ready to go and a wide variety of sauces. They also have complete kits for various dishes with recipes ranging from Tortilla Soup to Kung Pao Chicken. I grabbed some chicken, a mixture of veggies and Szechaun sauce. (I'll report back on the results.) Yes, it is more expensive than buying everything whole and chopping it all myself, but that was not going to happen. It is less expensive than two entrees from Pei Wei. Plus, you can experiment with new things in small amounts.

Once again proof that Central Market ROCKS!