Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bureaucratic Hell

I finally applied for unemployment benefits last month (this post will also serve as an unemployment update - filed for unemployment - 'nuff said) and found the Texas unemployment benefit process online system to be pretty impressive. Or so I thought.

I logged on to the web site this morning to check my payment status only to be told there was no payment request on file for me. Funny, since I have a four-page printed confirmation, but maybe I did something wrong. So, I tried to file a payment request, only to be told that since it had been less than two weeks since my last payment request I couldn't file another payment request. ???? Thinking it might be a web error, I tried the automated telephone service; same story. You don't have a payment request filed/you can't file a payment request because it's been less than two weeks since you filed a payment request.

It's a never ending loop.

I did try to call the numbers given if you have a problem only to be told that they're very sorry, but they can't answer my call at this time....for TWO HOURS.

Now what? Cross my fingers and hope "the check's in the mail".


Lulu said...

On a more sane note, I'm still keeping an eye out for you next supertastic K-riffic gig!

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