Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hold on to your socks. A Central Market employee was rude to me.

I know, it really is shocking. It's also a first for me, after seven years of shopping at Central Market. {For those of you unfamiliar with Central Market, it is a food lover's paradise. An amazing grocery store full of all sorts of exotic delights. One of the coolest things about CM is the "foodies" (aka employees). They are passionate about food and (seem to) genuinely like their customers. They're also incredibly patient with all of my random and sometimes stupid questions and seem to have a sixth sense telling them where they're needed. They always seem to pop up right before I completely loose hope as I wander aimlessly seeking some obscure ingredient I've never heard of but need desperately.}

That's what makes today's encounter so, well, shocking. I was minding my own business in the bulk candy aisle, delighted to have found teeny, tiny bags; the perfect size for the small portion of non perils I'd decided to treat myself to for finishing my errands.

After carefully arranging the opening of the bag inside the bin's spout and gingerly moving the lever to allow just a few candies to drop in my bag I was startled by a harsh a voice sharply admonishing me that I was "using the wrong bag." The voice continued "that bin is not designed for small bags." Both I and the woman behind me stopped cold and stared at him. His scolding continued predicting that candy "was going to go everywhere and I needed to get a bigger bag." I did (and ended up with way more candy than I wanted) and continued shopping. I couldn't even respond. I might have thought it was just me, except the woman who witnessed his tirade came up to me and rolled her eyes behind his back. (Thank you to the hip gramma who was buying her ridiculously cute granddaughter chocwit. I needed that!)

Seriously, bag Nazi, was that really necessary? I was actually negotiating the candy bin quite successfully. However, if you were so concerned about the impending doom of an avalanche of chocolate candies cascading all over your precious candy aisle, how about just offering me a bigger bag instead of treating me like a misbehaving five year old?


Heather said...

Yeah, he needs to take it down a notch.

I've encountered a few frazzled-foodies there myself. I think the hiring manager may be hitting the free wine samples too hard.

Trix in the City said...

You should've said... where's the sign that I have to use a bigger back dickhead!!