Thursday, April 9, 2009

Puppy Trauma/Drama

When I'm going to be gone for longer than a couple of hours, I can't leave the puppies in the crate, they're too young, so I have constructed a rather impressive puppy jail, or so I thought. A safe place with room to play, room to sleep and puppy pads at one end. However, despite all of my security measures Jake escaped puppy jail the other day. One puppy loose in the bedroom was bad enough, but the worst part was, at least to them, that only one puppy was loose. One puppy remained in puppy jail. {To me the worst part was the destruction Jake left in his wake, but hey, that's just me.}

Apparently, the dual traumas of being home without humans and being separated was too much. When I got home they were beside themselves. (I hope that they didn't start making all that racket until they heard the garage door go up or I owe my neighbors, big time.) When I took them outside, instead of running all over the backyard, they wanted nothing more than to sit on top of each other in my lap. For the entire hour they watched me repair Jake's adventures, they never stopped touching. It was awfully sweet.

Puppy jail now involves a closed door, which actually is impregnable. They can't watch TV anymore, but hey - everybody's got to sacrifice something these days, right?

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