Friday, June 5, 2009

Foster Puppies

New puppies have been hanging out at the house and I feel guilty that I haven't introduced them yet. Melody and Clef arrived May 26. They're German Shepherd/Chihuahua mixes, as near as we can tell.


ClefThe first night was really rough - there was lots of barking and carrying on and very little sleeping. But, within 24 hours, they went from being the biggest challenges to the best puppies ever. They really picked up on the routine quickly and took the house training like champs. Melody was actually adopted Sunday, so it's been just me and Clef since then. Clef was pretty mopey for the first couple of days but he was back to his old bouncy self soon enough. He's also (finally) decided that playing with a human isn't so bad, especially if it's your only option. While he does like the diverse collection of dog toys scattered about, his favorite "toys" are ice cubes. I think he'd chase ice cubes around the room indefinitely. Unfortunately, they keep melting on him.

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