Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Customer Service - The Flip Side

I ran in to Target today on my lunch hour to pick up a few things and I wasn't in the best frame of mind. That started to change shortly after I arrived. I noticed a lot of busy, happy red-shirted people scurrying around. Two even asked me if I needed help. I witnessed a team meeting (the team didn't look very enthusiastic, but the young leader was giving it his all). I also heard two calls for register back up and one for restroom check. Someone was really paying attention. I don't know exactly how or why, but being around all these hard-working people who seemed to really care about doing a good job was energizing.

Then when I was in the check out line it happened, not once, but three times....proactive customer service. The woman in front of me had picked up three-piece baby outfit that only had two pieces. The clerk not only noticed it, she pointed it out AND offered a discount after the customer said she wanted it any way. Then it was my turn, where the clerk offered me a $.05 discount for bringing my own bag.

I always love Target, but this was so refreshing it made my whole day.


Brahm said...

Wow...nice to hear about good esp. proactive service... almost never see or hear that!

Anonymous said...

Well dang! My target doesn't offer me a discount when I bring my own bags. New policy maybe?

Rhonda said...

Ahhh, Target. How many ways do I love thee?

Heather said...

Are you sure you didn't smell a district manager on the premises?

Ohhh had to ruin it didn't I?

Trix in the City said...

Is this the same Target I shop at??? Cuz I haven't gotten that treatment yet!

(And I bring my own bags sometimes too)!

KB said...

No, Kim, this was the Target on San Felipe. I was at the Sawyer Target tonight and I did not get a $.05 discount for my bag.