Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Non-Mom at Mom 2.0

Yep, I snuck in to Mom 2.0. today (I didn't really sneak in, I had an official credential thanks to Rhonda at The BS Cafe) and it ROCKED! I walked in wondering aloud if they were going to have "Heather's new book" and there she was standing on the other side of the buffet - Heather Armstrong, rockin' some amazing shoes, by the way. I'd like to be able to say I complimented her on them or said anything, actually. Unfortunately, I just stopped dead in my tracks and stared. Oh well..... another missed opportunity. I did discuss breakfast tacos with The Redneck Mommy. (I'm so proud!)

It was an incredible experience all the way around. There were so many amazing women doing such interesting, creative things; I couldn't help but be inspired...and exhausted. Seriously, I left so incredibly tired that I'm grateful to be spending Saturday night with my DVR, catching up on TV.

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Rhonda said...

It was so much fun with you there. I was exhausted too, but no rest for the weary. :)