Sunday, April 18, 2010


Funny how boundaries only apply to other people....

I was enjoying a lovely bottle of wine with a friend this afternoon in a small, somewhat crowded restaurant and noticed a man shooting me dirty looks. In this restaurant, you find yourself sitting very close to other diners, so even though I didn't think I was speaking loudly, I tried to remember to tone it down. However, he still regularly glared at our booth, so I chalked it up to grumpy old dude and tried to be quiet.

As sensitive as he appeared to be to my animated conversation, he didn't seem to have a problem testing his blood at his table and then lifting up his shirt and giving himself a shot in the middle of the restaurant. Now, I understand how important it is for a diabetic to monitor their blood sugar; my college roommate was diabetic. But, I do think that some things shouldn't be done in the presence of total strangers, especially while they're eating. (I feel the same way about nose blowing...)

The real kicker occurred when I was in line to order our pizza. Our waiter pulled me out of line and offered to take my order. As he was walking me over to the side register, Mr. Grumpy pants waves him over and asks him to take care of his daughter (granddaughter??) who was standing in line BEHIND me. Um, hello, you can hear me, but apparently you can't see me??

I love making new friends!

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