Tuesday, April 13, 2010

You Know It's Been Too Long...

You know it's been too long since you've posted when you have to think about where to go and how to log in. Opps. (In my defense, I'm also posting to a blog for Pup Squad through wordpress - Pup Squad Tales)

I have missed posting but I have some really good excuses, which I won't bore you with, at least not now.

I will give you the very good reason I have for not posting for the last week. I had the eye infection from HELL!

It started out as your basic case of pink eye, no big deal. Unfortunately, I got something called a "secondary invader" that caused several ulcers on the cornea of my right eye. I will spare you the gory details, but in a nutshell, I spent seven days feeling like I had a burning boulder lodged in my eye. I actually considered relocating to Seattle, the light sensitivity was so bad. I also discovered that we have very little control over whether or not our eyes are open. Trust me, if they don't want to be open, they won't be. Bottom line, any computer work that didn't involve my paying job or serious urgency, did not get done last week.

Fortunately, everything appears to be clearing up. Unfortunately, not until after six consecutive visits to the optometrist, (with a $40 co-pay per visit) three consecutive visits to the ophthalmologist, (with a $40 co-pay per visit) seven different kinds of eye drops (at some of those were samples) and one ointment.


Bossy Betty said...

Yikes! An eye infection! Now that's a good excuse for not posting!

Trix in the City said...

Yikes! Nine doctor visits at $40 a pop! You'd think they could have counted some of those as FOLLOW UPS and not charged you for them! Crazy!