Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hiring A Realtor - The Good

While the first realtor interview didn't go very well, the second more than made up for it. After a disappointing meeting with Ms. Y, enter Mr. X (he's going to stay anonymous until everything is over, so I will feel free to write candidly regardless of what happens.)

Mr. X is as different from Ms. Y. as night and day. He not only knows the neighborhood, he's lived in the area when it was more "The Hood" than transitional neighborhood. We knew we were in good shape when he first came in. He walked in, listened to us, looked at the house and not only did he give us great suggestions on how to use our limited budget, but he had a source for anything and everything we needed (painter - check, carpet guy - check, staging - check {a warehouse of his own stuff-SCORE}). He did hold his breath when he saw the living room, but I decided not to torture him (for very long) and told him I knew the furniture was crap and we were fine with putting it in storage and moving in some staging.

He was very honest about the market, but also had some great ideas of how to facilitate a quick sale and to maximize price. So, at this point, I'm cautiously optimistic.

The updates start very soon....

And, no, he did not ask for an escort to his car. He's even come to the house (gasp) after dark.

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