Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sex And The City 2

I had the pleasure of attending Vision Production Group's Sex And The City 2 premiere Thursday night and it was a blast. How better to view SATC2 than starting with a cocktail party featuring free-flowing cosmos, delicious food and beautiful desserts with a crowd of SATC fans? The fashion was amazing, the shoes spectacular and the movie fantastic. Watching the movie with a theater packed with fans made it all the more delicious.

I know the reviews of the movie haven't been great, but I disagree, almost across the board. Yes, I found part of Samantha's storyline tedious, but, to be fair, I frequently found her storylines in the series tedious. The rest of the movie was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the sequel more than the first movie. I'm don't want to give away, so I'll just say, if you liked the series, you'll enjoy the movie, so go see it. If you didn't, skip it.

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