Sunday, September 5, 2010

Going The Distance

Pleasantly surprised. That is the best way I can describe my reaction to the new Drew Barrymore movie, Going The Distance. I like her, it looked cute and (the biggest plus in its favor for last night's movie selection) it did not look like it was going to require much thought; the perfect combination for my current state-of-mind.

It was cute and easy to watch with more emotional depth than I expected. I laughed a lot, did not have to concentrate and, best of all, it wasn't entirely predictable. Christina Applegate manages to play Corrine, the requisite uptight, controlling-wife sister, with enough finesse to avoid making her completely unlikeable. But the character feels a bit stale after appearing in every romcom I've seen lately. (Hey, Hollywood, could we see a happy marriage hovering in the background every once in a while?) The rest of the supporting characters are quirky enough to be unique, so points for originality there. I'd love to expand on the lack of plot predictability, but I won't because it is, at the very least, worth adding to your Netflix queue.

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