Wednesday, September 1, 2010

81 Days - Countdown to Warrior Dash

I started a new workout program today and I’d like to say the motivation was to train for Warrior Dash, but the truth is, it wasn't. Reality is a combination of boredom and the desire to lose weight.

When I picked up my September issue of SELF on Monday and saw "YOUR WEIGHT MINUS 8!" I was hooked. It had to be a sign from the universe that I even saw the September issue before say, January. So, I had to sign myself up and follow the program for the whole month of September.

First, I am bored silly with my current work out program. Second, if – strike that – WHEN I lose the eight pounds it will be the same as going on a shopping spree without spending a penny. Woo Hoo. Getting dressed will more what do I want to wear and less what can I possibly squeeze myself into. So, off I go.

I’m happy to report that the first day has gone well. I managed one of the elliptical workout or at least most of it. I did manage to keep up with the resistance increases. The instructions include “keep your pace to 160 (strides per minute) on the tough intervals to maximize the fat burn.” Ha! I only managed to hit 160 during level 2, forget level 16. After the resistance hit double digits I could barely break 100. As for setting the cross ramp to incline at 10, I am happy to report I couldn’t find an option to increase the incline on the machine I picked. So, that doesn’t count, right?

I also managed to avoid french fries at lunch and the chocolate cake in the break room. Overall, I'm counting Day 1 as a victory.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I am working out as well but not avoiding the food pitfalls. Despite my need for ice cream yesterday, I ate two cookies instead. So now I still want ice cream! :)

Good luck in your workout journey!

Heather said...

160 at level 16?? You'll def be a warrior when you manage that!

Rachel said...

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment on my blog last week.
It was greatly appreciated,
hope you have a great day