Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September With SELF

Well, one week in and I’m still standing, mostly. After commiserating with a woman at the makeup mirror at the gym who also just started the program, I do feel better about my struggle to keep up with the workouts. I am not alone!

Here’s the basic rundown:

Program: 5 Cardio Workouts

Actual Cardio Workouts – 3

Program: 2 Strength Training Sessions

Actual Strength Training Sessions – 1 (well, most of one)

Meal Plan – Unless I’ve overlooked the hot dogs and Haagen-Dazs portion of the meal plan, I pretty much whiffed that part of the program. Although, I did pretty well yesterday.

Results – Could barely move for two days after one (incomplete) strength training session and I gained ½ a pound.

Soldiering on….

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Sheri said... sound like I do after one round with the weights. Press on, my friend. They say eventually it gets easier. (I'm still waiting...)