Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 - Resolution Reckoning

Hmmmm, maybe I should have reviewed my 2010 resolutions before today.

The results are definitely a mixed bag.
  1. Do Things Differentlywhile I can’t boast a 100% success rate, I have found myself deliberately changing course often enough that I’m going to call this one a victory.
  2. Be Healthier – FAIL. Majorly. Weight up, fast food appearing regularly and I can count the number of real meals that I’ve actually cooked in the new place on one hand.
  3. Fight the old Procrastination Monster (found a great book on this subject, but that's a post of all its own) – that’s a straight cut and paste from the 2010 Resolutions post. Wish I could remember what book I’m referring to there….. Calling this a work in progress.
  4. Do One Thing At A Time FAIL. I think this one is the most important, since multi-tasking is not only not productive but it tends to frustrate me.

Wow. When I first read through this I found it very depressing. But, as I thought about it longer, I realized just focusing on this list gives a false impression of 2010. I did manage to accomplish a few things, like sell a house in a crappy market and find a new place to live in my first choice location on a (very) limited budget with Petey in tow (and without losing {all of} my mind). Even better, my brother and I are still speaking. There is also a distinct possibility that I accomplished another major goal for 2010. More on that once it’s official.

Overall 2010 was an okay year and I'm really looking forward to 2011.

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