Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tiny Triumphs

My theme for 2010 was "Doing Things Differently" and I've had modest success over the year. I have fallen into old patterns more than I’d like to admin but I did smash an old, extremely self-destructive, pattern to bits last week.

I had an quasi-professional holiday party right after work and ran my hose pretty extensively during the day making a stop for a new pair a necessity. Fortunately, there was a lingerie shop right across the street, so easy, breezy, right? Ha! Yes, I did know that this was a high end shop, but I still wasn’t expecting the $58 price tag staring back at me from the back of one pair of black pantyhose.

Now, the old me would have done one of two things, made up an excuse or just put them on a credit card because I wouldn’t want anyone to think I couldn’t afford whatever overpriced item was in question. (even if that, in fact, was the truth). However, without blinking an eye, I handed the package back to the nice sales girl and when she looked at me questioningly I replied without a hint of embarrassment that I did not need $58 pantyhose, thank you very much and blew out of there without a backward glance. It felt pretty good, actually. There’s nothing to say I won’t regress, but I’m feeling pretty good at the moment.

The real kicker came a little later when I ran the new hose I picked up at Ann Taylor while I was putting them on – boy am I glad I hadn’t paid $58 for those things. So, my bare legs and unspanxed thighs (I have no problem going bare-legged, but if I don’t have hose on, trust me, I’m wearing spanx under that skirt) went to the party and I doubt anyone noticed (but me).

{Seriously, $58 for a pair of pantyhose???}


Dainty Musings said...

Wow that's pretty good! I've never changed my mind at the register but I have returned the next day saying I changed my mind.

Trix in the City said...

I spend way too much money on a lot of things... but I would NEVER spend $58 on a pair of pantyhose! Hell I wouldn't pay $2 for a pair of pantyhose anymore... I HATE THEM!! ;o)