Sunday, May 22, 2011

Trying My Patience

I think the universe is testing me (and I think I'm failing).

For the past several months I think the universe has been having some fun at my expense. The phrase "nothing is simple" doesn't even come close to capturing the fun I've been having.

Case in point - the backup drive.

When I bought my new computer I also bought a back up drive. Backing up my files seemed like a good idea and it also was the easiest way to get all my information from the old computer to the new computer. Good plan, yes? Well, at least until the puppy chewed through the power cord. (My Bad)

Should have been easy enough to replace, but it didn't turn out that way. Three visits to two different Radio Shacks, one Target and several other stores and no luck. I tried online, nada. I was beginning to think I'd have to buy a whole new drive when someone told me to go to Fry's because they carry everything electronic. They were right and my drive was fully functional again. Total time lost - ONE MONTH.

This week has been extra fun. Wednesday I noticed that my hot water wasn't quite so hot. After enjoying a tepid shower Thursday morning (like my showers are enough fun already?) I checked the heater and the pilot was out. Okay, easy enough. After calls to Dad and the gas company I abandoned the idea of trying to light it myself, so I called my landlord. Well, or more specifically, I left a voicemail for the property manager. When I still hadn't heard back to him Friday afternoon, I called a plumber.

Then things got really fun. The plumber came out (Juan from Nick's Plumbing - they rock) and after he recovered from the sight of my dinosaur he attempted to light it. No luck. After looking around for a few minutes he pronounced it dead. The thermostat is gone, the coupling is broken and they don't make parts for this model. No big deal, except that despite several phone calls and an email to the property manager I still have had no response from the landlord. Paying someone to light the pilot is one thing, paying to have the hot water heater replaced is something else entirely.

So, I wrote two letters (one for each address I have) and set out Saturday morning to send them, certified, return receipt. First post office was closed on Saturday, with no automatic postal station. Second post office, also closed. Sunday morning I went to a post office across town. Good news, automatic postal station functioning; bad news, NO SUPPLIES. Part of me was ready to throw a major fit at this point. But, I sucked it up, went to Target, bought supplies and went back to the post office. Two letters en route to the landlord. Now, we wait.

Day Four of Dead Water Heater....and counting.

We could also talk about the unintended tour of southeast Houston yesterday, the ongoing computer problems I'm having and the wrapping paper fiasco, but I think I've made my point.

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