Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Again?!? Really?

It's happened AGAIN. What is the deal people? Why do I keep running into talented, but flaky hairdressers???

I called to make an appointment for a long overdue haircut only to discover my hairdresser doesn't work at the salon anymore. Of course, they claim not to know where she went. (Whatever!) But, the fact remains, she has my contact info, so she could have let me know where she went and I, more than likely, would have followed her. (It's not automatic, the fairy god colorist works at Salon A, and I'm not giving her up. Hell, she couldn't get rid of me if tried. I'd hire a private detective and turn up on her doorstep. But, that's a colorist. )

Anywhoo, I digress. I've got an appointment with a new chick next Saturday. Since it was the colorist who brought me to this salon, getting a great haircut was icing on the cake, I'm hoping lightening strikes twice.

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