Friday, July 15, 2011


While I (almost) never actually talk to telemarketers, I'll usually talk to pollsters or people doing market surveys. But, I had an experience last night that may result in me never answering my land line at all. (It's not like anyone I actually WANT to talk to even has the number.)

Someone called for my opinion about Harris County politics and I asked how long the survey would take. A reasonable question, I think. Typically, they'll say 5 minutes or no more than 15, usually inaccurate. But hey, how many people would actually agree if they were honest and said 30 minutes?

This time the guy said (I kid you not) "Well, it depends on how you answer, but you're the one holding the phone and you can hang up whenever you want." Huh? I let that slide partly because I couldn't believe he actually said that and partly because I couldn't believe he didn't realize how rude that sounded. (Boy was I wrong.)

I just sort of laughed and said, "well, you've caught me having just poured milk on my cereal.(actually true)." At which point, he interrupted me to say (I couldn't make this stuff up!)

"The last time I ate cereal it only took one hand."

I actually pulled the phone away from my ear and looked at it. (I'm not sure what I was looking for) Here is some guy who called my unlisted phone number after 9:00 basically ask me to do him a favor, so he can get paid and he's being a complete and utter a$$.

So, I did something I almost never do. I hung up on him. Not another word, not so much as a good bye. Just click.

In the the split second before I hung up, one clever comeback ran through my head:

"Well, while I'm sure this isn't a problem for you, but I wouldn't want to be rude and crunch in your ear."

Right on the heels of that thought, though, was the realization it would probably have gone right over his head. So, CLICK.

I'm sure he complains constantly to anyone who will listen to him about all the awful people who hang up on him.

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