Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Found Time

Yesterday I found some time. (Does it get anything better than that?) An evening meeting was cancelled leaving me with approximately an hour and a half of time I didn't have to spend in a meeting. Subtract the twenty or so minutes I spent emailing the information I planned to distribute at the meeting and I still had over an hour "free".

So, what did I do? Take a bubble bath, read a magazine, watch TV, mindlessly surf the web? Nope. I made coleslaw. Why? I didn't plan to use my magic free time to make coleslaw, but I had the stuff and I wanted some coleslaw for dinner tonight (Buffalo Chicken Sliders...yum!) So, I made coleslaw.

The real question is, if I had known that was the only extra time I would have, would I have still made coleslaw?

Yeah, probably not.

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