Saturday, October 8, 2011

DWTS - Lucky 13

To think, I almost skipped this season of Dancing with the Stars.  What a foolish mistake that would have been.  When they announced the cast for season 13 I had pretty much decided to sit this one out.  I find Nancy Grace's TV persona so distasteful, I just couldn't see wanting to spend any more time with her than I already have to already (for anyone who has forgotten FoxNews is on the communal TV at work, less than 20 feet from my cubicle).  But, then people got so worked up about Chaz Bono that I couldn't quit.  

All I have to say now, is boy, I'm glad I decided to watch.  I've discovered that while I don't care for Nancy Grace's show on Fox, she is, in fact, an interesting and decent human being.  I've also been completely charmed, like so many people, by Chaz Bono.  But, the real reason why I am grateful I didn't bail, J.R. Martinez.  Wow.  Fantastic dancer...amazing human being.  I find myself forgetting his injuries while I watch him perform.  When I do remember, it's not as much seeing the scars as being humbled by the strength of his spirit and the frequently pettiness in mine.

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Lulu said...

I love the Nancy!!! Even better when she's screaming down some prosecutor!!
She's just a bit of a diva that's all. :)