Monday, October 24, 2011

Take Shelter

I heard about this movie first on npr and if I'd remembered the story line when it was first proposed, I would have declined.  Fortunately, I was much more focused on the company and brunch spot.  (Brasserie 19 - YUM!).

I'm not sure I can recommend Take Shelter as it is a little strange.  It starts slowly (very sloooowly), so slowly, in fact, that I actually found myself wondering why the set decorator has selected that particular brand of disposable razor to sit on the edge of the sink and then why disposable...  (seriously, I don't do bored very well).  The acting was amazing, though.  You really did believe Curtis (the protagonist) was losing his mind.

The real problem is that once you're invested you're really invested.  I started rooting for Curtis.  I wanted the big storm.  So, when the movie ends abruptly just when you think he might be proven correct, it's very disconcerting.  Maybe that was the point.  It did win a bunch of awards at Cannes, usually a sign that a movie is over my head.

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Heather said...

I think I was too caught up in the faster paced trailer to know it was a movie to skip. The acting made up for the slowness but not the ending. If anyone will trust my recommendations again, best poached eggs EVER at Brasserie 19.