Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Shouds

I recently found myself with an hour between work and my hair appointment.

I could have stayed at work (plenty to do there).
I could have run any of a million errands that needed to be run.
I could have gone shoe shopping. (a legitimate need at the moment.  I do actually NEED new work shoes)
I could have done my grocery shopping.
I could have worked on my AMA board reports (due in two days).
I could have done any of a zillion things I'm behind on for Pup Squad.

What did I do?

None of the above.  The Path of Tea was right on the way to the salon. So, I stopped in, enjoyed a delicious pot of Silky Oolong and 45 minutes of nothing to do but peruse the latest copy of  "O The Magazine".

Screw the "shoulds".  Sometimes you just need a little peace & quiet and a nice pot of tea.

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