Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Resolutions: The Reckoning

The 2011 resolutions.
  • Identify areas of personal focus by January 15; delegate and/or relinquish everything else by February 28.
  • Create concrete plans with milestones and deadlines for each areas of focus by February 15
  • Embrace budgeting – Create a workable, comprehensive budget by January 31 with short and long-term goals and stick to it. Track expenses weekly against goals
  • Lose 13 lbs by February 1 eating healthfully and hitting the gym a minimum of five times per week and maintaining the weight and lifestyle 85% of 2011 (gotta have some wiggle room)
I am going to check back in on these monthly rather than waiting to read the list again for the first time in late December. Hopefully, with slightly better results.

Well, hmmm, on the surface, it seems like a bit fat FAIL.
But that wouldn't tell the whole story.

While I can't say I've completely restored balance to my life, I have narrowed my focus a bit and am headed in the right direction.
Concrete plans.  Okay, that may be a big fat fail, but I'm okay with it.  There's always next year.
Embrace budgeting...well not so much. But, again, things are improving. I did walk away from the makeup counter, without apologies, after discovering that the object of my desire was $200.

Lose 13 lbs.  Nope.  While, right now, I'm only trying to lose 12 lbs, I'm still far from goal and unable to wear most of what's in my closet.  I have gotten back to working out regularly, minus the  two weeks while I fought a stupid cold, so at least that's something.

As for checking in, well, I don't have to tell you that didn't happen.


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