Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Loved My Dog, But....

I found this little gem (pardon the pun) on AOL's home page.

LIFE GEM, $2,699-$24,999.You can't go wrong with diamonds--unless those diamonds are a byproduct of recently deceased Fluffy's remains. Life Gem cremates departed pets, using the carbon to create a unique gem with a creepy back story.

Now, I loved my dog (a lot) and I will admit to having him cremated, but this??? Words fail me. Ewww! I have enough trouble with the pretty black urn I have on my dresser. (which is why it's partially hidden by the Peace Lily Trix brought me when I lost him. ) I simply can't fathom walking around with a gem on my hand made from dead dog, let alone paying $25,000 for it.
To each his own, I suppose.

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Mz. McCall said...

No doubt. Geez. For that much moola, you could have A&M clone the beloved pet -- if you don't find the idea of that objectionable.